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              postcard of Snodland station c1905
Picture courtesy of Snodland Historical Society

The station and the signal box are now grade II listed.  Here seen around 1905.

On the left of the  picture is the 'down' platform with a train departing in the direction of Maidstone.  The guards van at the rear gives a wide view including a view along each side of the train.

The gaslights were mounted on the wall.  In recent times the steps down to the platform were removed to facilitate access from the road.

The signal box is seen standing alone.   At the time of this image there were single crossing gates opened and closed manually.  Later a wheelhouse was added where new twin crossing gates were wound open and closed.  The signal box is not in use.  Modern electric signals have been installed and lifting barriers now protect the crossing.

On the right of the picture is the 'up' platform for trains to Strood and London.

The postcard below shows the station (c1920) from the pedestrian bridge looking towards Strood and London.  The goods shed and yard were removed in recent times.  The platform canopy remains

Postcard of Snodland Station c1920
Picture courtesy of Snodland Historical Society
Improvement work at Snodland Station
Snodland Station has been renovated, the ticket office reopened and car parking facilities enlarged.  A bus turning circle has been added.